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Spending the night in an igloo boat is the perfect adventure. Whether on a lake or on ice.

From here, the Aurora Boreales (northern lights) can be perfectly observed directly from your own bed. If you think of a normal tent here, you’re wrong, because these are highly luxurious accommodations whose location can be changed conveniently and easily. Observing reindeers or having a romantic meal on the pier of a lake are among the many experiences of our guests. So perfect suite for a romantic experience in the wild.

Without energy it is impossible to create such experiences. The environmentally friendly energy supply with fuel cells fits perfectly with our concept. We have thought about everthing to make the stay in our huts as close to nature as possible so our customers can become part of nature and as close as possible with it. The EFOY is quiet, which allows our customer to enjoy nature without being disturbed and have the convenience of electricity at the same time. It provides all the time energy everywhere!

“The EFOY fuel cell is the perfect power supply for our self-sufficient hut boats.”

As a tourism start-up, we were very pleased about the cooperation with EFOY. AuroraHut specializes in accommodating guests in luxurious igloo huts and the EFOY fuel cell is the perfect power supply for our self-sufficient hut boats. These usually float on a lake or they are just placed elsewhere in nature all year around and are supplied with self-sufficient power in all weathers thanks to EFOY.


The AuroraHut has a double bed, a small kitchen and a toilet. We use electricity for ventilation, lights, radio, electric drving motor, pumps and power connections to charge battery devices such as tablets or smartphones.

The fuel cells were installed right at the beginning of our project. We rely on a hybrid operation of fuel cells and solar panels for the energy supply of our igloo boats. This way, our boats are supplied with electricity all year round and in all weathers. When the solar power is no longer sufficient, the fuel cell switches on fully automatically and recharges the batteries.

As a responsible Finnish family business, sustainability is very important to us. We pay attention to our ecological footprint both in the materials we use for our boats, in our supply chains and in the day-to-day operation of the igloos. Among other things, we use a zero-emission electric motor to move around, collect all the waste water from the igloos, are energy-efficiently insulated, etc. For this reason, an emission-free energy supply was very important to us, which we found with the EFOY Fuel cell.

The unique experiences of our guests would not be possible without the self-sufficient use of the EFOY. It was important for us to cooperate with a professional partner, which we found in SFC Energy/EFOY. We are extremely pleased about the cooperation.

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A look inside the Igloo Boat

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