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Fully independent
wherever you are with EFOY

From Bernd D.

When it comes to choosing a camping site, we don’t want to depend on a shore power connection and the availability of it at the camp site. Our motorhome, a Dog-Liner T 730, is a 7.30 m long partially integrated motorhome without a double floor. On the roof we only have space for a solar panel with 100 W. Of course, due to the weather, this can’t supply the required amount of electricity all the time. Furthermore, we don’t want to be permanently in the sun so to ensure that the solar panel can generate electricity.

When temperatures are below freezing point, our heated wastewater tank and our heated underfloor gas tank (LPG) need electricity as well. We have three gel batteries with 90 Ah capacity each. Our motorhome also has an air conditioner on the roof, which can also be powered by the batteries for a while with a special inverter when the vehicle is parked.

Since we usually only do short day trips, , the body batteries are hardly ever charged, despite the 70 A charge booster. Furthermore, we often stay at campsites that have either no shore power connections or only a few.

“The main driver for us to purchase the EFOY was independence. ”

We chose the EFOY fuel cell because it provided us with independence from a mains power connection at all times. When necessary, it supplies 210 Ah of electricity in 24 hours and is barely audible.

Bernd D.

To become more independent from our solar panel and batteries, we decided to install an EFOY fuel cell in our motor home in February 2017. After the installation, we went immediately to a birthday party in Sarntal in South Tyrol at the beginning of March. There, we were completely self-sufficient for almost 3 days on a large parking lot at a ski station. This would not have been possible without the EFOY.

Last September, we spent more than a week at a campground in the westpfalz. Shortly after our arrival in the evening, I unfortunately discovered that the grid priority circuit in our inverter was defective. Because of that, we had no shore power. Thanks to our EFOY, we were still able to spend our vacation there as planned. We generated our needed power the entire time with the EFOY and the solar panel. Fortunately, the accessory store at the campground had a large stock of EFOY fuel cartridges, so we were able to get refills right away.

An EFOY fuel cell would also join us again in a new motor home.

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