Testimonial EFOY fuel cell

The fuel cell – the dot on the i for maximum freedom!

Erich H.

The EFOY fuel cell is just right for my needs. As a licensed amateur radio operator, I often take the camper up hills away from any infrastructure. I just need electricity. My biggest power guzzlers are the capsule espresso machine, the television equipment and the radios. In the past, I always had to think about whether I would be able to watch some television now or whether I could still send some radio messages at night. After two radio-intensive nights, a fine espresso was no longer possible in the morning, that’s for sure. The coffee machine requires 1200 W. In the back of my mind there was always the latent fear that the electrical system would collapse. Then nothing works, not even the Truma heater.

“Since the fuel cell was installed, these problems and fears are all gone!”

I feel totally independent.

Erich H.

Since the fuel cell was installed, these problems and fears are all gone! I feel totally independent. You do of course need to keep in mind the relationships between the power sources. The current peak power is of course fully covered by the batteries. But the fuel cell continuously recharges the battery, day and night, in all weather conditions, without any disturbing noise. It is merely a quiet growl; softer than the Truma heater. However, I built some wooden boarding around the device. This is not only to dampen the growl but also for aesthetic reasons.

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When I am on the road, the fuel cell is always in standby mode. During the journey, the batteries are recharged by the alternator and the solar panel. For a quick espresso, I usually switch off the fuel cell quickly. If the battery voltage falls below 12.3 V, the fuel cell kicks in. But there’s no need, because after the espresso the voltage immediately jumps back to about 13 V. Then I switch back to standby. Otherwise I don’t have to do anything with it. The cell starts automatically at 12.3 V and runs until a voltage of 14.3 V is reached. Now a word or two about the installation. The raised floor was just about 2 cm too low with the table construction. But then I found a good place next to the toilet. Here it doesn’t bother me at all. On the contrary, now I still have a storage space. I also have convenient access at all times and do not have to crawl around in the raised floor.

I had the two 100 holes for supply air and exhaust air made by a specialist workshop. I did the rest of the installation myself and had absolutely no problems with the detailed installation instructions. I used to carry a backup generator. I have now been able to jettison it. The noise and stench do not go down well either in the open air or in built-up areas!

I have waited 60 years for my great freedom – from the age of 5 I’ve been gradually deprived of it. The fuel cell is the dot on the i of this incredible freedom!

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