Testimonial EFOY fuel cell

The feeling of freedom is priceless!

From Michaela S.

In 1997 our dream of mobile travelling began – at that time with a small 5 m overcab motor home and, if required, a trailer for the scooter. Mostly we drove to camping sites, but we soon noticed that there were many beautiful, isolated places that offered the opportunity to enjoy totally free and carefree hours. Since the equipment was still modest at that time and therefore not very power-hungry, we could last up to 2 days.

The motor homes became larger, the holidays longer, the equipment and the demands more extensive – and with this the desire for more and more self-sufficiency grew. We only went to camping sites with our grandson during the holidays or when we needed a washing machine on our longer tours. Pitches and above all free spaces were our preferred corners.

At some point we bought a Moppel, later on solar panels were installed on the roof and then a second battery was added. The more independent we became from the grid, the more the desire grew to extend the length of that independence.

“Our EFOY has now given us 1487 hours of operation. ”

And it carried out this work in the best places in many different countries!

Michaela S.

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We had bought a new, semi-integrated Hobby 690 GELC the year before, we scraped together all the money we had and got an EFOY installed. It was great! The feeling of freedom was priceless and was only limited by the water and wastewater tank and the toilet cassette.

In January we were at the CMT and ordered a Carthago Chic c-line I XL 5.5 LE with our very special equipment wishes. It was a matter of course that our EFOY would be installed again! There are now quite a lot of electronics on board, but we can still stay somewhere with our tank capacities for up to one week until we have to look for a power point.

Our equipment includes 2 x 120 A batteries, 160 W solar and 2000/4000 sine wave converters. We use a Nespresso machine, egg boiler, 2 x TVs, 2 x Turbovents, an extractor fan, an over-roof odour extraction system, hair-dryer, razor, vacuum cleaner, E&P hydraulic supports, Alde heating with booster and heat exchanger, USB sockets for 2 x mobile phones, tablet, laptop and power bank, charging of 2 Flyer bicycle batteries, and the list goes on. And we still never run out of power! Last autumn we visited SFC Energy in Brunnthal and had the cut-off point reset from 14.2 volts to 13.8 volts, because we had the experience that especially in winter, when the heater fan is running, the batteries never reach 14.2 volts. We have tested it since, and it works wonderfully now! Our EFOY has now given us 1487 hours of operation. And it carried out this work in the best places in many different countries!

Our conclusion: We do not want to miss our little humming friend under any circumstances! After all, it enables us to organise our trips the way we always wanted to: independent of any power outlets and only dependent on supply and disposal from time to time!

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