Testimonial EFOY Fuel Cell

Through rough seas
with EFOY Fuel Cell

By Melwin Fink, next generation boating GmbH

We use the EFOY fuel cell on our Class40, which is a 40-foot racing boat. The EFOY fuel cell produces all our electricity for our power consumers, such as the autopilot, computer and also to charge our cell phones so that we can communicate with our shore team. We have an engine with an alternator as a backup, but of course it’s not as convenient as the fuel cell.

Melwin Fink, next generation boating GmbH

“For us, there was simply no alternative that could fulfil all our requirements as well as the EFOY fuel cell”

We needed something for the Class 40 or for our racing boats in general that was independent of the heel, didn’t make too much noise and didn’t have a negative effect on the speed of the boat. And that is exactly what the EFOY fuel cell does wonderfully. A motor with an alternator doesn’t keep up with heeling and is incredibly loud, solar is weather-dependent and therefore not reliable, and a hydrogenerator takes speed out of the boat. And a nice side effect of the EFOY fuel cell is that it also warms our boat a little in cold waters.

Melwin Fink, next generation boating GmbH

There is not necessarily anything that would not have been possible without the fuel cell, but everything would not have been nearly as comfortable. We’ve now sailed a lot of regattas and training sessions with it and we’ve never had to worry about our electricity. If we didn’t have the EFOY fuel cell, things would be very different. The fuel cell runs completely unobtrusively in the background. We would have always had to actively switch on the engine. And as soon as the boat started to heel, we would have had to be careful with the cooling water. An engine can quickly overheat and then either stop or even break down.So certainly everything would have been possible, but not as convenient, uncomplicated, quiet and easy as with the EFOY fuel cell. We definitely wouldn’t want to be without it!

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