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From Per S.

A sailboat is an ideal environment for a fuel cell. When we got our new sailing vessel, a Pogo 12.50 built by the french shipyard Pogo Structures, we started to look for the best solution to enable us to live a more extended period on the boat.

The challenge when it comes to charging on a sailing boat is that a solar panel is often covered by the sails, preventing them to be effective unless building a large arch to place the panels on. This often involves complex structures and drilling holes that could potentially leak over time. The most effective charging on a boat is still the alternator, but on a sailing boat, this is often just used upon docking and leaving port.

“The peace of mind that comes from knowing that you always have enough energy is priceless.”

I can run the heaters when it’s cold and the fans when it’s hot, charge electronic devices needed for communications and navigation, and run the autopilot on longer trips.

Per S.

The perfect companion to an alternator is lithium batteries since they charge fast in these circumstances. But when on anchor the alternator won’t help. Some opt for a wind generator, but when on anchor you tend to seek a bay where you are protected from the elements.

This leaves you with the single best solution – a fuel cell. Because the fuel cell enables you to reduce on batteries and focus on smaller lithium that tops up when motoring and the fuel cell that protects these and silently generates electricity when needed. Once the fuel cell was installed we also replaced the outboard motor for the dingy from a classic 2-stroke engine to an electric one.

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