EFOY fuel cartridges

EFOY fuel cells need our EFOY fuel cartridges to generate electricity. These have a safety-tested system specially developed for EFOY fuel cells and are filled with high-purity methanol*. Due to the safety lock you do not come into contact with the fuel and the cartridge can be changed in seconds.

Our fuel cartridges are available in two sizes (5 and 10 litres) from authorised camping and marine dealers worldwide. With an M10 fuel cartridge (10 litres) you are self-sufficient for up to 4 weeks on average.

Fuel cartridges M5 M10
Volume 5 l 10 l
Weight 4.3 kg 8.4 kg
Total capacity @ 12 V 460 Ah 925 Ah
Nominal capacity 5.6 kWh 11.1 kWh
Consumption 0.9 l/kWh 0.9 l/kWh
D x W x H
190 x 145 x 283 mm 230 x 193 x 318 mm

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Scope of delivery of the EFOY fuel cell in BT set¹

Bluetooth Adapter BT2

The EFOY Bluetooth adapter allows you to control the fuel cell with the free EFOY app via smartphone or tablet. In addition to operation, you’ll find out many interesting statistics about the operation of your EFOY.

Charging cable CL5

The three-metre-long charging cable connects your EFOY fuel cell to the battery and continuously measures the battery voltage (fuse set included).

Sling swivels

To ensure that your fuel cell stands firmly, you can attach the strap on the EFOY to the two sling swivels supplied.

Fuel cartridge holder + strap

Simply attach the EFOY fuel cartridges to the holder with the strap.

Waste heat arc

You can easily dissipate the waste heat of the fuel cell via the waste heat arc.

Waste heat pipe

With the waste heat pipe, you can extend the waste heat arc to lead the heat outside.

Outer panel

The outer panel is attached to the waste heat pipe as a closure element.

Operating instructions

The operating instructions contain all the information you need about the EFOY fuel cell.

To the operating instructions

Waste water hose incl. insulation

In addition to electricity, the chemical process also produces some condensation water with a small amount of CO2. This hose should be drained to the outside so that the condensation water can drain off.

Service fluid

The service fluid is only required if your fuel cell explicitly draws attention to it with a note. This can happen, for example, after a long period of non-use of the EFOY.

¹Other sets may contain different accessories.

EFOY lithium battery

Use the full EFOY Hybrid Power. The EFOY lithium battery is the ideal complement and perfectly matched to the fuel cell. See what makes the EFOY lithium battery so unique compared to conventional batteries.

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Optional accessories for your EFOY fuel cell

Control panel OP3 + cable

Control your EFOY via the control panel, which can be connected directly to the fuel cell via a cable.

Mounting plate

Mount your EFOY on the optionally available mounting plate. Dimensions: 440x165x16.5 mm (LxWxH)

EFOY COMFORT accessories

Do you have a previous-generation fuel cell, EFOY COMFORT, and want to buy more accessories? In our article list you will find a list of all accessories that are available for our fuel cells. You can obtain accessories from your authorised EFOY dealer.

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*Note: According to the CLP Regulation, methanol is categorised as a poisonous and easily flammable substance. For further information, please see the Safety data sheets in our downloads.