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Unique experiences powered by EFOY

In these small modern huts you can not only watch the northern lights from your own bed, but also observe reindeers in the middle of nature.


Always charged e-bikes with the EFOY

The EFOY supplies the board battery of the motorhome automatically. Besides his classical consumers, Hans K. is also charging and operating the batteries of two e-bikes with the EFOY. So nothing interferes with a mountainous bicycle tour in the countryside.

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The feeling of freedom is priceless

The feeling of freedom being on the road with the EFOY is priceless for the couple S.. The EFOY allows them to create their journey like they always wanted to: independent from any power socket.

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EFOY works perfectly even under hard conditions

Thibaut V. is a passionate skipper and is participating in multiple international races with his Multi50. On his tours the EFOY has to endure a lot (strong list, shocks, coldness, heat …). But he can always count on his EFOY!

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With EFOY, Norway and Scotland are a dream

Once you’re in love with Norway, it won’t let you go that fast. At the moment Detlev V. is on the road in Scandinavia and Scotland and with his board battery, solar panels and an EFOY fuel cell, he has found the perfect energy supply for his vehicle.

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Always enough energy for our motorhome

When the light flickered and the heating in the motorhome went off, he realized that the that the battery in the motorhome doesn’t provide endless electricity after all. Since then he hasn’t left without his EFOY. Jürgen R. is convinced: “Do without anything in the motorhome because electricity is running low, that was yesterday!”

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