Thanks to its light weight and compact design, there’s always room for the EFOY. We’ll show you where the EFOY fits and who can help you install it.

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Maximum energy in the smallest space

The EFOY is lightweight and compact – it fits into the smallest of spaces. Ideal installation locations in the motorhome could be places like the rear garage, the side compartment or under the seat bench. On the boat you can install them in the locker or in the stern, however the EFOY can also be easily stored under the seat or in side compartments of the interior.

Your authorised EFOY dealer will be happy to help you find the right place.

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What should you bear in mind?

Place your EFOY as close as possible to the on-board battery to avoid losses due to long cables. The EFOY needs oxygen- leave some space (approx. 10 cm) around it during installation so that the air can circulate.

Use the supplied accessories to conduct the EFOY’s waste heat away from the device or out of the installation space. The waste heat can be conducted into the interior without any concerns, as it does not contain any harmful exhaust fumes. Only the condensation water emitted by the fuel cell should be discharged to the outside.

You will find further information in our installation instructions.

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The right accessories

Installation is easiest with the right accessories. Use only genuine EFOY accessories. Take a look at what accessories are included in the scope of delivery.

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