SFC Energy Academy

Become an EFOY expert and know-how carrier

The SFC Energy Academy serves as a comprehensive educational platform. It provides a wide range of learning resources, including learning videos, webinars and informative documents. At the same time, it promotes the international exchange of knowledge within the entire EFOY network. This provides an excellent opportunity for ongoing training in various areas relating to the products and the company.

In addition to these digital offerings, the Academy also includes classroom training. These enable an in-depth examination of the various products and their functions.

Live Technical training

Training workshops provide a step-by-step explanation of various topics. These on-site workshops help you to build up a comprehensive understanding so that you can operate your product with ease. The focus is on frequently occurring customer questions and problems.


Explore our comprehensive selection of educational videos, diverse webinars and informative documents that will help answer your questions and close knowledge gaps

EFOY installation

Whether on remote campsites or in the middle of nature, the EFOY supplies every camper with electricity in no time at all. Installation is also simple and straightforward.

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EFOY Service Fluid

Occasionally, it may be necessary to fill a bottle of service fluid into your EFOY. The EFOY will notify you when this is necessary, e.g. after an extended period of non-use.

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Energy for your boat

The EFOY is also unstoppable on board – whether on leisurely sailing adventures or exciting regatta races. We answer the most important questions about "EFOY on board" here.

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Model check

Our model check will help you find the right EFOY fuel cell and EFOY lithium battery for your energy requirements. Based on your information on the required loads, we determine which model is best for you. Average values are already pre-selected for each consumer, which you can adjust individually. You can immediately see your daily energy requirements.

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Easy installation

The EFOY is light and compact – it fits into the smallest of spaces. Ideal installation locations in a motorhome are, for example, the rear garage, the side compartment or under the seat bench. On a boat, you can install it in the back box or in the stern.

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The webinars offered are web-based live video conferences that you can join online after registering. The webinars are designed to help you learn more about the EFOY products in a wide range of areas and become an EFOY Expert. The SFC Academy offers a variety of different webinars to cover the entire spectrum.


These webinars will help you to familiarize yourself with the product. This includes installation instructions, an introduction to the EFOY app and much more to help your customers with any questions they may have.

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Questions, answers, energy – Webinar

The virtual customer conference creates a space for exchange between industry leaders from different sectors. Various trends are discussed to ensure that EFOY can optimally adapt to the needs of its partners and customers and continue to develop. The ‘Questions, Answers, Energy’ (FAE) webinars serve to clarify open questions from customers. These questions are collected in advance during the registration process.


Personal advice, update service, checking the installation situation or repairs: Just arrange an appointment!


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Firmware updates

We are constantly working on improving our products and offer you free firmware updates.

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Service tool

Have you received a message from your fuel cell and would like to know what it means and how you can correct the problem?

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All answers to frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQ area:

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We provide a warranty for your EFOY products. Detailed information about the warranty in your country can be found here and in our download area.

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