EFOY fuel cell technology

How the EFOY fuel cell works

Environmentally friendly power generator

The EFOY fuel cell is the ideal power generator for your 12 V and 24 V battery. The integrated charge controller permanently monitors the charge level of your superstructure/on-board battery and recharges it fully automatically if necessary. It switches off again (standby mode) as soon as the battery is fully charged. This means that you always have full energy reserves and it protects your battery from damaging deep discharge through continuous charging. To operate 230 V consumers, such as coffee machines or hair dryers, you will also need an inverter.

With EFOY fuel cartridges
be independent of the power grid

EFOY fuel cells need our EFOY fuel cartridges to generate electricity. These contain high-purity methanol and have a safety-tested system specifically developed for EFOY fuel cells. With just one movement, the EFOY fuel cartridge can be changed in seconds.. With an M10 fuel cartridge, you can travel for up to 4 weeks without the need for a power outlet and enjoy your freedom.

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According to the CLP Regulation, methanol is categorised as a poisonous and easily flammable substance. For further information, please see the Safety Data Sheets in our downloads.

The EFOY power generation principle

EFOY fuel cells are based on DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) technology. They convert chemical energy into electrical energy without interim stages and without much loss of efficiency. The methanol in the fuel cartridge is supplemented by oxygen from the air, and is used to produce electricity. In addition to power, all this creates is waste heat and water vapour with little carbon dioxide, making it efficient and exceptionally environmentally friendly.

The principle of water recovery

The stack is the power-generating core of the EFOY fuel cell. It consists of individual cells, each of which is set up to include a cathode and a membrane. As an electrolyte, the membrane separates the anode and cathode from each other. Positively charged electrical particles, known as protons, can diffuse through the membrane. On the side of the anode, water and methanol are added, and on the side of the cathode, oxygen is taken from the ambient air. In the reaction at the anode, H+ ions and free electrons are created, as well as the reaction product carbon dioxide (CO2). The protons can cross the membrane. The electrons, however, have to travel to the cathode side via a connected electric circuit during which they generate power. On the cathode, the H+ ions, the oxygen from the air and the electrons are converted into water vapour.

Over 20 years of experience – Fuel cells made in Germany

EFOY is a brand of SFC Energy AG. With the innovative fuel cell technology developed in-house, SFC Energy has gained a unique technological and market advantage. All of SFC Energy AG’s fuel cells are developed, tested and produced at our headquarters near Munich according to the highest quality standards. Our products are safety-checked and tested by the TÜV.

We are a leading supplier of direct methanol and hydrogen fuel cells, lithium batteries and energy management systems for stationary and mobile hybrid power supply solutions. Energy solutions from SFC Energy AG are used worldwide not only in the leisure sector but also for industrial applications such as measurement and early warning stations, traffic and video surveillance systems, and as back-up for telecommunication systems.

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