365 days of off-grid power.

Technical data

Electricity always and everywhere

The EFOY COMFORT is the predecessor of the new EFOY fuel cell. With the fuel cell you always have your own compact power generator with you and are completely independent of the power grid – 365 days a year. The EFOY automatically recharges all common 12 V battery types reliably, quietly, and in an environmentally friendly manner. Whether in the motor home, on the boat or in the garden shed or cabin. For the operation of 230 V devices such as coffee machines or hair dryers, you need an inverter.

The ideal power supply for on the road

The ideal job for the EFOY COMFORT fuel cell

Compact and lightweight

With its compact size of only 44.3 x 20.2 x 28.8 cm (L x W x H) and a weight of only 8 kg, the EFOY COMFORT is so light and compact that it will always find a place in your motor home, boat or cabin. Maximum energy in the smallest space!

Fully automatic, weather-independent and maintenance-free

Once professionally installed, the EFOY COMFORT will provide power in any weather and will fully charge the 12 V on-board battery automatically. Convenience is easy; you just have to change the fuel cartridge occasionally, and additional cleaning or other maintenance is not required.

Environmentally friendly and quiet

With professional installation, you will hear very little sound from your EFOY COMFORT while it generates environmentally friendly electricity. In a chemical process, only waste heat and water vapour with a small amount of CO2 are produced in addition to electricity. It can therefore be installed indoors without hesitation.

Which EFOY COMFORT model suits you?

The EFOY COMFORT fuel cell is available in three different power classes. You can see in the table which power class is suitable for your energy requirements.






80 Ah / day

140 Ah / day

140 Ah / day

Recommended for energy demand per day

up to 60 Ah / day

up to 115 Ah / day

up to 180 Ah / day

Recommended battery capacity at 12 V

40-160 Ah

60-250 Ah

80-350 Ah

Period of use


Spring to autumn, only rarely in winter

Use all year round, also a lot in winter

useful life

up to 60 days / year

< 120 days / year

> 120 days / year

Do you have an inverter on board?


Yes, up to 1000 W

Yes, over 1000 W

Electrical consumers

Basic consumers such as lighting, television

Light, television, chargers, possibly coffee maker / hair-dryer, e-bikes

Coffee maker, hair dryer, microwave, electric fridge, e-bikes


The EFOY COMFORT is lightweight and compact – it fits into the smallest of spaces. Ideal installation locations in the motorhome are for example the rear garage, the side compartment or under the seat bench. On the boat you can install them in the locker or in the stern. The EFOY can also be easily stored under the seat or in side compartments of the interior.

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Installing the EFOY COMFORT

This is how the EFOY COMFORT works

The EFOY COMFORT charges the 12 V on-board battery fully automatically. The integrated charge controller permanently monitors the battery’s state of charge and switches on automatically and switches off again when the battery is charged. This means not only will you always have full power reserves, but the batteries will also last much longer because continuous charging prevents deep discharge. 230 V devices can also be operated via an inverter. Combination with a solar panel is also possible.

More about how it works

This is how you control the EFOY COMFORT

You control the fuel cell very easily via the control panel included in the scope of delivery. Here you can see the fuel cartridge status, the battery voltage and whether the EFOY COMFORT is charging your battery. Alternatively, you can control the EFOY COMFORT with the EFOY app on your smartphone or tablet. For this you need the EFOY Bluetooth Adapter BT1, which you can purchase as an option. In the app you can see all information about your fuel cell at a glance. For example, you can monitor the fill level of your fuel cartridge or the daily consumption. Simply download the EFOY App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

User Manual

EFOY COMFORT technical data

Download data sheet

EFOY COMFORT Fuel Cell 80 140 210
Max. Power 40 W 72 W 105 W
Nominal voltage 12 V 12 V 12 V
Charging current at 12 V 3.3 A 6.0 A 8.75 A
Connectable batteries Lead acid, gel, AGM, LiFePO4,
EFOY lithium battery
Lead acid, gel, AGM, LiFePO4,
EFOY lithium battery
Lead acid, gel, AGM, LiFePO4,
EFOY lithium battery
Min. recommended battery capacity 40 Ah 60 Ah 80 Ah
Operating temperature -20 °C to +40 °C -20 °C to +40 °C -20 °C to +40 °C
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 443 x 202 x 288 mm 443 x 202 x 288 mm 443 x 202 x 288 mm
Weight 7.1 kg 7.8 kg 8.5 kg
Operating options Via six-key control panel with multilingual text display, EFOY app with Bluetooth Adapter BT Via six-key control panel with multilingual text display, EFOY app with Bluetooth Adapter BT Via six-key control panel with multilingual text display, EFOY app with Bluetooth Adapter BT


Technical data sheet EFOY COMFORT
EFOY COMFORT Installation Manual

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Can I use the EFOY fuel cell in hybrid operation with a solar energy system?

Yes. A lot of our customers do this. The fuel cell switches on automatically when there is insufficient sun available to charge the batteries.

Can I use the EFOY COMFORT's Bluetooth adapter for the new EFOY fuel cell?

No, the EFOY COMFORT’s Bluetooth adapter is not compatible with the new EFOY. The EFOY Bluetooth Adapter BT2 for the new EFOY generation is already included.

What must I watch out for when installing?

Make sure there is an adequate air supply and sufficient ventilation for waste heat and spent air. Please also ensure that there is enough space for the fuel cartridges and the unit itself. You can refer to the User Manual for more details.

Are the EFOY COMFORT and the new EFOY lithium battery compatible?

Yes, you can combine the new EFOY lithium batteries with your EFOY COMFORT.